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January 14, 2012
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Moon Girl 3 page 6 by Rahzzah Moon Girl 3 page 6 by Rahzzah
okaaay..let's see

since this book jumps around in time a lot I like to try to do pose-matches, like Claire there in panel one, as a transition you can make out my little rainbow lens flare in panel 2 that I spent too much time on and didn't come across in the print version anyway

re-used image of Satana from issue 2..probably because I spent too much time on the lens flare and was running behind..

also, can you spot the first nerd reference in this issue?
for the next month I'm going to put up a page a day of the original unlettered images for whoever's interested

you can check out issues 1-4 on your smart phone/computer/tablet at
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